Okay, maybe don’t forget everything. There are some basic rules that keep things balanced and pleasing to the eye, but most everything else is personal preference.

Here is the truth that no one really tells you. Most people don’t have a clue what they as an individual like and don’t like when it comes to art and design. We have been feed so much through the media about what’s trending, what’s out of style, what colors go together and what doesn’t that many don’t even know where to start when making decisions about their own projects.


Have you ever walked into a furniture store or design studio, told them what you were hoping for and then they did something totally opposite?

“Yes, hello! I’m looking for a chair.”

“Absolutely, not a problem. Look at this beautiful couch I found you!”

Before you know it, your walking out with a couch, side table, lamp, a pretty vase that matched the throw pillows and no chair. All that is well and good if you needed them and weren’t looking for a chair.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have worked with enough people to know you can’t please everyone and sometimes people just don’t mesh well. However, so many places are uninterested in discovering what a client’s real needs and desires are. It takes a bit of time to figure that out, and time is money. However, the wise designers know this is the first step in great design.


That’s where I come in. My desire as an artist and designer is to help you get everyone else out of your head and guide you through the process of discovering what you want and need.

I have little desire to sell you things you don’t need. Our resources are precious, and I would much rather see you able to help the family down the street struggling to put meals on the table.

It’s time we take the time to discover what we love when it comes to design so we can stop wasting time and resources down the road when we decide we didn’t need a couch, lamp and throw pillows. Let’s work together to look at things from a new perspective.


Here are a few questions to get you started.

What is your business, event, product, service?

Do you have a slogan, tagline, company style or culture?

Are you the only decision maker or are there others you need to include in the process?

What feeling are you hoping to create with your design or event?

Do you have any colors you absolutely love or dislike, and why?

What are your objectives? Where do you want to go with your business?

How do you want your business or event to be perceived by those experiencing it?

Who is your target audience?

What keywords best describe your business, wedding or other event?

How you will judge if a project has been successful?

Search for some designs that you like and tell me why you like them.

What is something most people like that you don’t like or care for in respect to design aesthetics?


Lastly, take a bit to write down any additional information you feel would be important to know as I begin the creative process.

Beginning with a process like this, will not only help you better define needs and desires, but will also give your designer a stronger foundation to build their creative process on.




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