Connections are good.

They build relationships, and provide mutual resources.

Connections develop communities.

Those communities open up a whole new world of potential connections.

It’s like one big connect the dots puzzle that often includes coffee.

So use the form below if you have any questions, are ready to tackle a project,

or just want to reach out to say hello.

Maybe over coffee.

You know the routine, right? That's great.

Things are less complicated by phone; there’s less room for misunderstanding. If your message or question is too wordy for email, please feel free to call me.

Monday – Friday


(320) 579-1412

Or perhaps you need to mail me something?

You can do that too.

Leta Jacobs | Design by Leta

Po Box 600

Bird Island, MN 55310

Hi, I'm Leta Jacobs

Business owner. Graphic Designer. Custom Website Creator. Bit of an Art Nerd. Lover of Gorgeous Imagery. Wife. Mother of Four.

I believe that hard work in the pursuit of your passions creates an environment for greatness, and that one must always be intentional in carving out time for the things that really matter. I have the unique ability to grasp an overall vision for something and then bring it to life through imagery, writing and design.

I also really love to grow food.

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