Often in life, we come up against obstacles that seem totally impassable. There is a mountain standing before us that we know is too large to walk around. In those moments we have two choices; we can either turn around and go back to where we came from, or we can choose to find our way over the mountain.

When I’m not creating in my office or digging in the garden, you can often find me with a group of women sitting around a table. It’s one of my very favorite places to be. You see besides being the artist-designer, I’ve also been designed to walk beside women who long to grow in their faith. So, I carve out time in my life to sit around tables with women from all spaces and places and we grow, learn together.

Now, often we have very different life stories, but there is one thing that always ties us together. We all have walls that we must overcome in order to move into the life God has for us.

Some are more willing than others. There are those who choose to turn around and believe it or not I understand why. Walking over a seemingly impassable mountain is painful. Tree limbs slap you in the face, steep paths cause breath to leave your lungs, creatures seek to eat you for supper and it looks as if you will never make it through to the other side.

At times, it makes you wonder; Why would a God that is supposed to be loving and good allow such pain and aching of the soul? I have asked that same question. But, as someone who has had my fair share of mountains to climb, there is an equal depth of love, joy, healing and wisdom that develops when one must endure great aching.

Here’s the thing, you could walk over that mountain with your eyes closed, but you wouldn’t get very far and you would miss all the beauty within the journey.

You must change the lens in which you look at your life. Find a new perspective. If being a graphic designer has taught me anything it’s that when you get stuck, it’s time to get up and let yourself be inspired.

So, my question for you is, what’s your mountain?

Have you recently discovered a wall in your life?

Maybe you’re looking to move into something new but can’t build up the courage to start?

Maybe you’re struggling at work, your marriage is a mess, your life is filled with addiction, you can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to be enough to everyone who needs you, you feel like no one needs you, you’ve been betrayed or have betrayed someone, your body is failing you… this list could go on forever.

Just like the rest of us, you have two choices. Stay where you are and endure your life now, or you can choose to stand and start walking. You can ignore the mountain, or you can find a way over that brings new life. You never know what you may discover in the process. Nothing worth fighting for ever came easy, and if it does, you’ll never know how truly amazing it is.



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