I truly have a love affair with hats. There is something about the hat that’s incredibly appealing. I think it’s because they can be both quite beautiful and functional. Exactly what I strive for in design and life.

My husband may use the word obsession. Either way, I don’t think you’ll ever hear the words, “I have too many hats.” come from my mouth. Part of that may stem from the fact we dwell in Minnesota and it gets terribly cold here for way too many months out of the year. But, I do believe it’s largely because I just find them so darn fascinating.

So much attention must be paid to this art you will place on your thinker. Admittedly, some hats are just hats. But why then is it so hard to find the ones that are just right? The ones you put on and make you go…aaaahhhhhhh. Because finding a good hat is important. It must be representative of your style, it must fit just so, it can not make your hair look funny and it definitely should not make your forehead itchy.

I’m not quite sure how many times I’ve been told, “I wish I looked good in hats.” And I always think to myself, you just haven’t found the right one.

A cousin of mine is a hat maker and I remember clearly the first time I walked into his hat shop, observing how much time and care he put into each and every one. Making sure the hat you chose would fit you just right. Stretching and molding the leather until it morphed into just the right shape. If it’s a crocheted or knitted hat, the talent it takes to make it spherical and not all lumpy is astounding. Believe me, I know. I still occasionally wear the first lumpy hat I made.

I feel like art and design are the same way. Whether it’s business cards and other branding material, website building, invitations for your wedding, or garden design, one must stop wishing you could wear the hat the person next to you is wearing. It is important to find the one that fits you. Maybe in the process, you’ll find you don’t like hats but prefer to chop most of your hair off and schmeer it with super shine hair gel.

Ask yourself the following questions to help get your mind rolling along…

01| What is it in life that causes me to dance around like a little kid who just found out they can have ice cream before supper? Now, carve out more time for that.

02| If I could name one thing that makes me not want to get out of bed in the morning it would be? Try to do less of that. Seriously, find someone else who can do it so you don’t have to. Or, find a way to make it more enjoyable.

03| What types of things am I really good at? Are those the things you’re currently in charge of or doing with your life?

04| What am I horrible at? Whatever it is, you probably shouldn’t be the one in charge of that. Especially if it’s paying the bills. And seriously, we all suck at something.

05| What or who do you need to make more time for? It’s time to get off your phone, leave work on time now and then and spend time with those you love, doing the things that bring renewal.

06| There is no six. Once you do 1-5 you’ll be well on your way to discovering something. I don’t know what, but something.

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