It was 2003 when I walked into an interview at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MCAD. I brought along two of my favorite people for moral support. I was terrified throwing myself out there, hoping to win the approval of a school that at the time was one of the Top 10 design schools in the nation. Not even a week later, an acceptance letter arrived in the mail. All was right with the world. But, life quickly took yet another unexpected turn, and I found myself unable to go.

Eleven months after my acceptance, my fiancé and I welcomed a sweet baby girl into the world. She was perfect and I put my dreams on hold…..for the next fourteen years. Three more beautiful ones would arrive, and my husband and I would watch the years fly by. They’re still fleeting. If anyone has figured out how to temporarily freeze time, would you please enlighten me?

One thing for certain, I’ve never done a very good job of burying my dreams. Somehow, they always crept back in. Whether I was cooking, gardening, working, they always managed to find me. Constantly searching for ways to create, I’d take something mundane and create something unique, beautiful out of it. Who ever said you had to plant a garden in boring rows anyway? I thrived on experimentation.

Often manifesting itself in my apparel or choice of hair color, art and design were just part of the DNA that made me, me.

I have created much for people through the years but have never been able to pursue it full time. Until now. All our little beautiful ones are now big beautiful ones and my days are suddenly quiet. It was time for a new adventure. The best part is, I have discovered much about myself, and become confident in who I’ve been created to be.

Years ago, I started out making grand custom wedding invitations and volunteering to make random promotional materials for events. Since then, Design by Leta has morphed into a website and promotional material design business.  Taking on the shape of a few areas I find great beauty in. What’s my style? Well, it’s a combination of the thousands of people and experiences I’ve had in my lifetime. It’s modern, yet classic. At times bold and edgy, then suddenly shabby chic. And it wouldn’t be me without a little artsy flare thrown in.  Take a look around and stop back often. You just may find a piece of yourself here. I look forward to working with you in the future.

May you always search for the beauty in life, and work hard to pursue your dreams.