Thank you for the opportunity to work on the letterhead for R.C.C.R.  As discussed in some of our previous conversations, I truly feel you have a good base as far a logo design and there really isn’t a need to re-invent the wheel. I spent a bit of time recreating it so you can easily utilize it in the future for other projects and will include those formats in your final deliverables. Below you will find a selection of Letterhead Designs. When looking them over, remember that we can make changes as well as mix and match elements from different letterheads to create your final letterhead. I will make the necessary changes and send you a final proof. Once approved I’ll tweak anything necessary before I sending to you for use. Towards the bottom of this page I have included pricing for the letterhead, as well as, pricing for additional items you may find yourself in need of.

I look forward to chatting with you!



Letterhead  Revisions

Letterhead Revision 1

Letterhead 5 with the logo from Letterhead 6. This one has a little bit of the blue around the outer edge from the original logo.

Letterhead Revision 2

Letterhead 5 with the logo from Letterhead 6. On this one I didn’t add the blue back in around the logo. Since there isn’t blue around the logo anymore, I slightly changed the blue on the bottom icons to make the design more cohesive. 

Letterhead Revision 3

This is Letterhead Option 6 with a very bold heading.

Letterhead Revision 4

Letterhead Option 6 with a slightly less bold heading but still more bold than the original.

Letterhead Option 1

After speaking to you about the letterhead info you sent me being only the Main Office information, I looked up contacts for the other homes and added those to the side as an option.

Letterhead Option 2

This option is similar to Letterhead 1 with a few design changes. Keep in mind that you could use the sidebar area for information you’d ike to highlight rather than the other house contacts.

Letterhead Option 3

This letterhead design is simple with just the Main Office contact information and plenty of letter typing space.

Letterhead Option 4

Option 4 gives you the ability to highlight specific elements of R.C.C.R.  The contact information is just for the Main Office. The tabs can be changed to reflect whatever values, goals etc you’d like to have highlighted.

Letterhead Option 5

I think this is one of my personal favorites. While all the letterheads have a modern feel to them, this one takes on a little more friendly welcoming approach and is a little less formal in style.

Letterhead Option 6

The biggest difference in this letterhead is that all the copy says Renville County Community Residence instead of adding R.C.C.R.

The style is definitely the most simple of the letterheads but it’s streamlined and leaves plenty of typing space.


All prices are subject to tax where applicable.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please give me a call when you’ve had time to look over the letterheads and are ready to meet to make changes. When looking them over, remember to check for accuracy of information i.e. correct phone number, address etc.

If you are unable to meet, we can simply talk over the phone. Thanks again for the opportunity to work on this!

You can reach me at (320) 579.1412


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